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Is what you do worth writing about?

Have you ever considered that everything worthwhile that has come from the mind of man has at some time been committed to writing? Benjamin Franklin said, "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." The question I want to put to all you Entrepreneurs, the backbone of the economy, running your own SMEs is this: “Is what you do worth writing about?”

Before you say ‘No” because you think your business is just too mundane, then consider this: Whatever you do, you can probably offer some good advice to others and in so doing you can enlighten and help them – and build your business in the process.

So, whether you think what you do is worth writing about or not, you can build your business online to make more money – and you need to do just 2 things – be visible and connect with others.

What makes you visible?

Being visible means having a professional online presence on the right social media platforms. Have a great LinkedIn profile in particular, as this is still the primary B2B platform – and extend this to Facebook, Instagram, or wherever you want to connect with potential customers or new clients.

Also, always post your articles/blogs on your website too, as there they become your intellectual property – and greatly enhance your SEO.

How do you connect?

On all of these platforms you are sometimes invited to connect with people, but you usually need to make the effort to reach out yourself to make the connections with others. If your profiles are well written, telling people why they should connect with you, then it is a lot easier, but what you really should be doing here is trying to build relationships.

It’s easy to make a lot of connections, but if you are not engaging with them you are not going to build your business.

Now we get back to why I wanted to know if your business is worth writing about. You need to start posting regular articles and short posts (usually advice pieces that help educate people about things that relate to your business) to connect with people, so the more you feel you have to write about – the better.

Advice is gold

Advice is like gold. It is a gift. It’s something people want when they can choose to take it or leave it – as in online content. It attracts people’s attention. It tells them you know what you are doing.

In Social media terms, you become a ‘thought leader’ in your field. It tells them they can trust you and you are the person they should be engaging with to get some more of this valuable advice and learn more about your business.

At the end of every message you have a ‘call to action’ inviting people to connect with you – and that is exactly how effective connections that boost your business are made.

“Get the right guy to write it”

This is my slogan – and I say it not to brag, but however you choose to connect, if you are not a great writer, don’t have enough time or know what to write about, or don’t know how to write articles and posts that get you maximum SEO, then rather get a professional Content Writer to do it.

I’m Bernie Millar Content and if this has been helpful - and you need my help - I would love to connect with you.


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