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Building your business online is all about professional presence

There are many ways to build a business online. Digital and Social Media marketing is a vast and quite complex subject. What this particular article points to however, is the basic essence of making your business known online, so that you can connect with potential new customers and clients, in the virtual realm.

If you are just starting out, or even quite established, but not really getting customers though any sort of online resources, then this is for you. There are just 3 simple steps to follow - 3 inexpensive ways to build your business. …and they are all to do with how you ‘present’ yourself …because building your business online is all about a professional presence!

Step 1 - Your website

Your website is the front face of your business. Your online office tower, who and what you are and why you’re in business. Your website is so important that major companies spare no expense to build the best websites they possibly can.

But what really counts in a website? If your website is the front face of your business, think of it as that receptionist that people meet when they enter your offices.

Certainly she needs to look good, modern, stylistic, all of that for sure, but what really counts is what is going to come out of her mouth when she speaks to greet you. Is your receptionist a well-spoken, knowledgeable, welcoming professional – or a foul mouthed, ignorant slob?

What is your website saying? That’s what counts. Is your website professionally written and saying the things that will actually sell your business and not just tell people who you are?

When people land on your home page are you convincing them with banner headlines and clever, creative slogans that you can really help them and that they are (excuse the pun) on the right page? Do you, in the content somewhere, tell them why they should use you – instead of 100 other businesses they can visit online?

As a professional Content writer specialising in website content, for a mere pittance, I can help …but let’s move on…

Step 2 - Your profiles

Your professional business profile actually is pretty much aligned with step one and should be created simultaneously. The same rules apply to a professional profile as to the website content. Essentially it comprises: how you help people; who you are; who you serve; something about who’s behind the business - and again - why they should use your business, as opposed to anyone else.

Having a well written business profile is essential to your marketing kit and your online presence. You can e-mail it directly to clients, add it to your website and have it printed to use as a leave behind when you have meetings.

Your online professional profiles too, especially a great LinkedIn profile, is essential. This is where people do business, look to make contact with other business and connect with people knowledgeable in their industry….

Step 3 – Your online engagement

…which brings us to the third step. If you believe you are knowledgeable about your business …and you have anything valuable to say, then talk about it online. Engage with people! This is how you build relationships, this is when you become really ‘present’ online and so you start building your business online through your professional presence!

When you impart knowledge about your business, in the form of articles and blogs, or small daily (or even bi-weekly) Social Media posts, you are giving something to people for free. If they think you know what you’re talking about, you become known as a ‘thought leader’ and build people’s trust.

So what do this great online profile and your articles and posts do? They drive people to your website! The cycle is complete – now, if your website is well written, it draws the customer in and convinces them that it’s you they should be doing business with.

The process is simple if well executed and if you contact me you’ll be presently surprised at how inexpensive it can be to develop a good basic online presence.

On that note, a good tip regarding cost is - if my business Bernie Millar Content creates your business profile and website content at the same time, because there are such great similarities in the content, there is definitely a highly reduced cost.

At no cost at all, just to help you, I am happy to take a look at your existing website and professional profiles and advise if they need a little refurbishing or not.

The blind date you didn’t want to lose

Remember this …if you are asked to go on a blind date, the first thing you’ll do is go to the date’s Facebook page to find out something about them. If you want to do business with someone and arrange to meet them, the first place they will go, before the meeting, is to your website or LinkedIn page. So, don’t let a poorly written, unprofessional online presence put off the blind date you really didn’t want to lose!

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