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If your script writer is never on target and driving you into the rough....then call me!


Advertising copy
Video and product launch scripts 
Web pages and social media content

I have done a number of radio ads for various agencies and production houses, including 'Broadband infraco', 'Playgirl' and a complete campaign for 'Your friendly grocer'.

I have written literally dozens of corporate video scripts for numerous brands such as Coke, Debswana mines, Mitsubishi, Reckitt and Coleman and ALL the major banks. Samples available on request!

Let me help you with slogans, the compilation of your web pages and great high impact copy! Blogs, LInkedIn profiles and articles, newsletters, E-books and social media posts - all written with flair! 

Book writing, editing & Case studies

They say everyon has a book in you?

I can help, with co-writing if you do the basic writing, or ghost writing through interviweing you. Spot the mistake in the last sentence?Perhaps you just need editing and correcting? problem. I also specialise in interviews and copy for Case studies, a great way to promote the successes you have had in your business.

Corporate profiles

Let me write your corporate profile, in such a way that you not only have a solid, clear identity, but the copy can double as brochure, web page and social media material.

Training and educational documents

I have experience in writing training material, manuals, induction documents and videos, as well as educational video scripts and presentation material. let me make it comprehendible and interesting!

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