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Three great ways for SMEs to market their businesses

As a business writer...and in particular as a Content writer, I have learned quite a bit about the principles of marketing over my some 25 years in the business. The advice I’m about to give however, is not based on any formal knowledge, but rather on solid evidence that it works, because it worked for me and I truly believe will work for any one-man or Small to Medium Enterprise (SME). So if you fall into this category, here are three great ways to market your business. I believe you need to have three types of ‘presence’ and they are, a real life ‘one to one’ presence, an online business profile and an online networking presence...

  1. Be a networker – I belong to a networking organisation. I urge you to do the same and create a ‘one on one’, meeting platform by building relationships with other SMEs through networking. I belong to B.N.I, the World’s largest networking organisation and with its motto of ‘Givers gain’ it espouses the age old principle of ‘what goes around comes around.’ People don’t want to sold to! This is emphasised because it is so important. I wrote an article on ‘Generation ‘Z’, those who will come after the ‘Millennials’ and they don’t even want to see a Salesperson when shopping. Hence the current trend of many trendy shops giving people the option to shop online, even whilst in the shop! As a networker you learn that referrals are given once trust is earned, which emanates from the building of solid relationships. So have an ‘in the flesh’ marketing platform through networking.

  2. Have a social media business profile – This principle of building relationships extends to and is greatly enhanced, by having a personal and/or business profile on social media platforms. One can combine this by having a formal business presence on the biggest business platform by far, ‘LinkedIn.’ With many millions of business people online, you have the opportunity to connect with many potential clients, but remember that the same principles of engagement need to be followed. Just as you need to be presentable and have a good business pitch in person, you must ensure your profile is good and concisely tells people what they need to hear about you. You also need to be chatting to people via articles that offer good advice (hopefully like this one!) and tells them you are an expert in your field. An accomplished Copy/content writer will know how to write a good profile for you and obviously good articles too, if you don’t have the personal professional writing capability or the time!

  3. Connect with online content – This is possibly the most important of all. Your website is the front face of your business and your best way to build online business relationships through providing interesting, informative blogs that will attract potential customers. I reiterate - People don’t want to be sold to! Answer the questions they are asking online, give them solutions and it will endear them to you. From these blogs you can extract shorter social media posts, which extend your footprint. Content needs to be regular though and the results can be dramatic.

As a professional Content writer I can help you to ascertain what your material needs to be, write it for you and guide you with a consistent, effective, on-going blog campaign.

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