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The 4 cornerstones of writing a professional profile

It is absolutely essential that if you are in business you have a professionally written business profile. My suggestion is that you have a business profile that can be printed and used as a ‘leave behind’ after meetings, a LinkedIn profile (as this is the World’s largest business to business social media platform) and a good profile that goes onto your website – possibly as your ‘about us’ page.

As a Professional Copy/Content writer with a lot of experience in writing these profiles, I have learned to write one profile that basically works for all three of these applications – a sort of ‘one size fits all’ professional profile as it were.

The reason I can make this work is because, regardless of the application, there are four basic elements that will make any professional business profile work. I call them the 4 cornerstones of writing a professional profile ...and here they are:

Introduction – Introduce yourself and very briefly state what is your passion, your current job or business and a little bit about yourself. Make this brief and interesting, but remember it is a business profile, so nobody wants to know about your pets or your personal opinion on the meaning of life!

Tell people how you help them - You’re not yet listing your services - that comes later. This is about what you believe you do that helps people. Tell people right up front ‘what’s in it for them’ to do business with you and you’ll gain their interest.

Tell them why they should connect with you – What is special or unique about you? What can you offer potential clients that puts you, in their eyes, above your opposition? Even if only in bullet point form, state your value proposition here.

List your services – Only at this point will you list, again in a condensed form, the services or products you provide. Once again don’t overdo it. This is a profile, not a product brochure. LinkedIn for example, only give you 2,000 characters and spaces for the summary of your profile (less than 400 words). No profile should really exceed about 500 words.

Those are the 4 cornerstones of writing a professional profile. Having laid these, end with contact information and an invitation to people to connect with you – your ‘call to action’ as it were.

I hope this has been helpful to you, but if you are too busy, not a particularly good writer (English is not your first language), or would rather trust a professional writer to ensure you have a truly professional profile, connect with me here or contact me on

As my personal slogan says - ‘If you wanna write it right, get the right guy to write it!’

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