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4 great reasons to use a professional Content writer

Bill Gates said a long time ago “Content is king’”. It turns out that, as with many other things Mr Gates prophesied, he was dead on the money. Content marketing has become the premier way to market most businesses ...and a very welcome cheaper alternative to traditional advertising for S.M.Es in particular. So, having been convinced that populating your website with blogs, creating thought provoking articles for LinkedIn and posting pieces from them to your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (to name just a few) social media platforms, you now need to actually get it done!

You may be a pretty good writer yourself and don’t see any good reason to employ a professional Content writer to do this for you. If that’s your decision, I wish you the best of luck. In the interests of just offering some useful advice however, before you make that decision, let me give you 4 great reasons to use a professional content writer . It might just change your mind....

  1. Time is money – If you decide to do content marketing, you need to know that the content you provide has to be posted on a regular basis. This means ideally 2 blogs, a LinkedIn article a month and posts derived from those 2 or 3 times a week. That’s a fair amount of your time if you are a fairly high earner, or in any of the professions, chances are your time will be a lot more valuable than what you will be charged by a professional writer to create these for you. I, for example, do a ‘Bernie’s bulk blog special’, making blogs very affordable even to small businesses.

  2. Professionalism is essential – Posting a badly written article is pretty much as bad as having bad breath when you’re meeting someone face to face! If your command of the English language is good and you are a reasonably skilled writer, then write your own stuff, but If English is not your first language, or you write as well as I do maths equations, then please use a professional Content writer. You and your company’s reputations are on the line every time you post anything! My slogan is “If you wanna write it right, get the right guy to write it!”

  3. There is a certain skill to it – As any digital marketing professional will tell you, Google responds to certain keywords, phrases and titles. There is a way for these blogs and articles to be written that will maximise your response and your internet coverage. Professional Content writers are trained to include these things, as well as hyperlinks to your website at the appropriate places. There is also a way to write a blog so that small sections can easily be drawn from it to form a perfect post to go to social media. For example, each of the four reasons given in this article is a good single post.

  4. What do I write about? – This is the most common question posed to every Content writer and the short answer is “What do your clients want to know?” Essentially you are providing useful information for your prospective clients. This gives them something for nothing, educates them and shows you to be an authority, or ‘thought’ leader in you field. A good professional Content writer will ‘partner’ with you and give you ideas and suggestions for your posts ....or find the stuff they need to write about for you through research! I have had situations where I have had to write hundreds of posts without even one suggestion from my client.

If this has given you enough advice and you have the time to create your own content, then I’m glad I could help. If on the other hand, my 4 great reasons to use a professional Content writer have convinced you to go with one, then contact me or engage with me here and let’s get started writing great content. I can also recommend a good digital marketing expert who can get you onto a professional program to try to get your needle found in that haystack we call the internet!

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