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How do I get more clients without selling?

You actually don’t need to sell to people to get more clients. It sounds like a strange concept, but it’s the way that marketing has been going for the last few years ...and will be going in years to come, but even more so. You see, as I’ve stated in previous articles and posts – people don’t like to be sold to. I’m sure if you think about it you’ll agree that you don’t either. We all run a mile when confronted by the ‘in your face’ type of Sales person who immediately ties to convince you to buy something. Sure, if well trained they will try to ‘sell you the dream’ or convince you that you really ‘need’ something, but there is actually a better way and it doesn’t involve any kind of selling at all. It is called building relationships. In answer to the question “How do I get more clients without selling?” therefore ...maybe I can help.

Build relationships

As mentioned in a previous article (see my blog on ‘3 great ways SMEs can market their business,’), networkers have used this principle for years. They don’t sell to each other. They educate each other about their businesses and then give each other business through word of mouth referrals. If the business is carried out successfully they build trust amongst each other and so more business is referred. By giving each other something they both want and engaging through ‘one-on-one’ meetings they actually build relationships. The end result is that they have built their clientele ....without selling anyone!

Network online with content

You can do exactly the same thing online by making your website and your social media presence work for you. Ask yourself “What do my prospective clients want?” The answer can often be found in your own Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Say, just for one example, you are a Plumber. A prospective client may want to know “Does switching off the geyser actually save electricity?” If you (or your hired professional Content writer) write a blog for your website or a LinkedIn article, to answer that question, your blog/article is picked up via Google or LinkedIn and can send many prospective clients to your website or LinkedIn page. Portions of that blog/article can also be posted to Twitter, Facebook or any of the many other social media platforms on which your business may be represented.

What does your online content do for your client?

The purpose and benefit of the online content you have created is threefold:

  1. It gives your client the information they need and so you are giving them something for FREE

  2. It educates them about some aspect of your business, but they will in most cases still need you to carry out the function

  3. It tells your prospective client that you are an expert in your field!

So, the answer to the question that beckoned you to come to my website or engage with me on some form of social media “How do I get more clients without selling?” is simply build relationships with prospective clients through providing the content that they need. If you personally don’t have the time, the inclination, or the ability to create this content yourself, then talk to me. I’m here to help you – not sell to you – just help!

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